Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion

thus right here is when my daughter cracked up and was subsequently hooked

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I want grown up cuddles.


I second the motion.

I consider it a personal victory that my jammies actually match tonight.


I want to stop internalizing every feeling or emotion I have because it’s easier than dealing with the rejection I’m convinced I’ll face for daring to have them. I want to stop avoiding the confrontation I think standing up for myself will bring. I want to stop being afraid of being a bother to people and always putting their needs above my own.

I want to believe I matter.

plainmarc said: I think you are a magnificent person who is beautiful,caring, are an absolute treasure and your face and words always put a smile on a face which is on the other side of the world,it was a blessing to meet you on here ~Anon~


Anonymous said: I think you think we all think ICE CREAM

Anonymous said: I think you're very attractive, I'm also from Alabama but I'm a new follower and I don't want to seem stalkerish so I don't say anything.

Anonymous said: I think your life is driven by passion. You love passionately and you hate passionately and ambivalence just about kills you. You would go to war to avenge a loved one who has been hurt but you shield others from seeing when they have hurt you. You are a whirlwind and a creator and a blessing to those around you.

The 4th picture on my phone. 
And now I will make the pizza.

The 4th picture on my phone.
And now I will make the pizza.

I have to take 20 steps to the kitchen to preheat the oven for pizza. 20 steps. I’ve been willing myself to get up and go do it for about 20 minutes now.

So that’s where I’m at.

"I guess I just got used to it you know?"

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There are certain things I don’t bitch about on here because I just don’t. 
But sometimes I wanna.

shinzelikeastar said: I think you're insanely pretty and your soul shines bright! ~ anon ;-)


Anonymous said: I think you are funny and absolutely gorgeous.